My designs are inspired by my deep LOVE and understanding of the mineral kingdom and Crystal Alchemy. I have been supplying healers and lightworkers as well as celebrities and rockstars all around the world. 

The intention of my work is to bring back Magic, offering the power of Crystals and MAGIC TOOLS to new generations, to awaken the memories of ancient times when humans knew how to do Magic and transform reality.

I am inspired by ancient symbolism, knowledge and wisdom that I believe is timeless. It is important for me to help people raise their frequency and realise their true potential.

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Magic Wands

I have been fascinated with magical tools throughout my life. I started to make Magic wands 30 years ago as I believe they are powerful tool for spiritual growth, they remove obstacles, expand your energy field and help manifest a new reality.

My magic wands are made only with the highest quality crystals, every piece has its own personality and power, they are unique. Today Lightworkers and Healers all around the world are using my tools with amazing results.