Angel Wing NecklaceLui Krieg - Jewellery - Hand-made Cobalt Drusi with Amethyst pendantQuartz Mer Ka Bah with Celtic DragonsLarimar Dragon Pendant

I have been designing & making jewellery for over 25 years. Below is a selection of unique pieces I have created in recent years – they are available to purchase through my Stoneage webshop. Simply click on the images to view them in the shop.

Pendant Golden Dragon Pendant Golden Dragon Head Ring
Sugulite Scarab Bracelet Libyan Scarab Tektite Pendant
Power Wand Healing Tool

The two wands pictured above (against the Shri Yantra) have just arrived from Tibet and are original healing and power tools, hand-made by a Tibetan Crystal master. They are not designed by Lui!

Libyan tektite Trident Ring Amethyst Cluster Pendant Moldavite Pendant
Lui Kreig - Hand-made jewellery piece Larimar Dragon Pendant

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