Music is my great passion !

I remember listening to the Beatles and Rolling Stones on a tiny radio and getting completely immersed in their rhythms and lyrics.  

I learned to play my first instrument when I was six years old; the Trumpet.  At a very early age I was taught to read music and  realised the powerful alchemy when different instruments  play together.

Later in life I learned to play the piano and again deepened my understanding for musical harmonies and rhythm.  During my Sound Healing Journey I mastered playing many ancient and indigenous instruments such as Didgeridoo, drums and Gongs. I have also played and worked with some amazing crystal instruments. The  best known ones are crystal singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids and of course my legendary Crystal Didgeridoo. However my true musical journey started when I discovered the most powerful of all instruments; THE VOICE.

Through toning and chanting, I slowly expanded my vocal range and my voice started to grow stronger and more confident. I very quickly started to use my own words in those chants and It didn’t take long from there before the first song was born.

Most of my songs are channeled and I feel that they are given to me by a higher source and the core of the song is captured within a few minutes and then expanded from there in a magical process.

Paul Foss and I started to work together 10 years ago, when we formed the Alchemysts of Sound. This partnership led to a number of exciting musical journeys. This process has inspired   the music we create now.

We are now ready to share this new sound with the world!

This song Freedom came to me in 2020 during the lockdown. After a long meditation I focused on all the principal, basic needs and feelings that all human beings on planet earth share together. How possible It could be, to create a better reality for everyone on this planet?.

 I had a vision of a great liberation for everyone!

“Peace of mind for all mankind”

I have a great fascination for the power of the word. Putting words together like a string of pearls for me creates poetry. I trust that the words that I use in my songs will resonate within you and eventually will bring about profound change.



The Freedom Album is about me morphing from chanting and toning into a conscious “Rock Star”. 

Nine songs carefully chosen to put out the frequency of change and transformation as well as the intention of HARMONY and PEACE.

This Album is co-written and produced with internationally renowned composer and multi instrumentalist Paul Foss with guest performances from the legendary guitarist Kit Morgan. 


Part of my journey as a Crystal Sound Healer was to create a series of meditation CDs that take the listener on a journey within, helping thousands of people all around the world to reach a much deeper state of meditation (relaxation) that will allow Healing and transformation to happen in a very short amount of time ( THETA HEALING).

Meditation Albums: