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Alchemysts Of Sound
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Alchemysts Of Sound

Lui Kreig, Paul Foss, Alchemysts Of SoundLui is a founding member of the group “The Alchemysts Of Sound” who specialise in a unique melding of traditional and sacred sound instruments for the purposes of deep relaxation, meditation and sound activation of the subtle energy body.

Paul Foss (also a founding member) is a multi-instrumentalist and writes for film and documentaries. Check out

Marcus Dalmeida (sound engineer and musician) works and plays with AOS and has handled the high-level technology used through-out the recordings.


Alchemysts Of Sound - Equinox

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Equinox  (2010)

This special musical collaboration between The Alchemysts of Sound from Glastonbury, England and Inner Journey from St Josef, Austria, brings together the original and beautiful sound of the Hang from Switzerland and the Koto from Japan. This wonderful combination of instruments and their frequencies will instantly relax your mind and  bring a feeling of inspiration to you. Add the hypnotic sounds of the crystal didgeridoo, crystal bowls and the Dopplemonochord with Tibetan inspired chants and overtones to take you on a journey of discovery.

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Radio Cosmos (2010)

A crystalline download of Galactic Frequencies and Cosmic Chants augmented with graceful and luscious guitar textures combined with deep resonant basses and hang …the rhythm of the universe. This music will take you on a journey into far corners of the cosmos leaving you feeling relaxed and inspired.

Jim Barber features on guitar.

Alchemysts Of Sound - Crystal Sound Activation

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Crystal Sound Activation (2011)

This piece was created to combine crystals and sound to take you on a deeply relaxing journey. It focuses on balance, purity and clarity of intention and sound. Using close microphone techniques, the CD contains an exploration of some of the beautiful instruments and crystals that produce clear, pure sound. Ideal for meditation and relaxation.

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