Testimonial (Crystal Sound Activation)

Dear Lui,

Many, many thanks for your time and healing care spent in your beautiful therapy space. The energy with its connecting walls to the Abbey and leyline beneath, make it the perfect spot for the amazing crystal sound activation to take place.

I feel blessed to have experienced it. Sound and music have played a huge part in my journey but I could not have imagined what was about to happen.

After choosing each crystal you explained your reason for selecting it then placed it on the chakras. Then the sound began, in wave after wave of pure crystal tones. After a few minutes, my body relaxed as I could feel each crystal’s individual vibration (pure bliss!)

It seemed endless with so many bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoo, drums and many others that I could not identify and the sound of your beautiful voice, toning, Tibetan, Native American, just blew me away. This was by far the best therapy session I have witnessed, let alone received, it was truly magical.

Bless you Lui, you are a true master of your art and you gave so so much to me, thank you. In much love and light.


P.S. I am re-balanced, awakened, back to my true nature and fully conscious, happy to be here in these fast changing times.