Musician, Song writer, Sound Master Healer, Crystal tools & Jewellery Designer, Writer, Entrepreneur and Successful Businessman. He has released a series of successful meditation albums and written over 30 songs. As Founder and Director of the Crystal Sound Academy he has  promoted and taught the Crystal Sound Activation to thousands of people. His work has touched and helped people all around the world.

The Journey

Lui Krieg was born and raised in a small town in Germany. After school he studied Electronic Engineering. However, he very soon realised that this was not going to be his path and at the age of 21 he decided to embark on a journey to explore the world and seek a more spiritual lifestyle. He travelled extensively worldwide, lived for long periods of time in India, South East Asia, Australia, South and North America and Africa. On this journey he learned meditation, yoga, and lots of different approaches towards Spirituality, mostly through practical experiment rather than formal study. He finally settled down in Glastonbury, England. 

In the early 90’s, he had a major realisation when he discovered that crystals were amazing tools for healing and transformation. He connected with the mineral kingdom in a deep way, getting to understand its alchemy of pure consciousness and divine frequencies. Suddenly he was in his element, designing and making jewellery and healing tools with the intention to bring positive change into the lives of many people.

He was always interested in Rock music, however his spiritual journey took him first to experiment and understand the principles of resonance and harmonics through his journey with crystals and sacred sound. It was only a few years ago when he got inspired to write Spiritual Rock songs using the power of the word to bring about urgently needed positive change to our beautiful planet Earth. 

Highlights & Achievements

Co-founder of the StoneAge brand with a shop in Glastonbury which has become an Icon for the spiritual community due it’s powerful and high quality crystals and designs.

Creator of a powerful and unique healing therapy called “The Crystal Sound Activation” combining for the first time the 2 most ancient and powerful healing modalities.

Founder and director of the Crystal Sound Academy, which has hosted international events all around the world.

Creator of Crystal Magic by Lui website where he promotes his special handmade Magic Wands and healing tools.

Co-founder of the Alchemysts of Sound in collaboration with Paul Foss releasing a series of meditation and healing albums..