Short Biography

Lui-KriegFor those of you not familiar with me and my work… a short introduction.
I have been working on my own Spiritual Development for 35 years; I’ve travelled extensively worldwide, lived for long periods of time in India,  South East Asia, Australia, South and North America, Africa, to finally end up with my family here in England for the last 30 years.  I learned meditation, yoga, and observed lots of different approaches towards Spirituality, mostly through practical experiment rather than study.

One major realisation I had, one day in the early 90’s, was when I discovered crystals as amazing tools for healing and transformation, filled with pure consciousness – manifestations of truly divine frequencies. Suddenly I was in my element, designing and making healing tools and esoteric jewellery, with the intention to bring positive change into peoples’ lives.

Tessa-LuiI established my shop, Stone Age, in Glastonbury in 1994 with my partner Tessa, where I welcome and serve the Pilgrims that come to Glastonbury, also called The Isle of Avalon.
About 8 years ago another major realisation!! I discovered and experienced the healing power of Sound!!

It didn’t take long to put 1+2 together to create what I call the sacred union of Crystals and Sound bringing together two of the most ancient and most powerful healing modalities .
I began working as a crystal & sound therapist five years ago and developed a very powerful and unique healing sequence, that I call “The Crystal Sound Activation“.

Two years ago I opened the Archangel Michael Healing Centre, in an old chapel dedicated to Saint Michael, where I do my Activations and other healing work. It gives me a sense of inner peace and fulfilment to know that with my work I can help people to get back in tune with their source frequency, and reconnect to their true Soul Purpose.

I have done over 1000 activations with astonishing results. The one-to-one CSA cannot be described with words, it can only be experienced!! About 2 years ago I stared to take the CSA into a group setting with up to 40 people, again with great results. I will be sharing this wonderful experience with you later.

Crystal-Sound-AcademyI am also the co-founder and director of the Crystal Sound Academy, and I have hosted several international events in Glastonbury.  I have given workshops on Crystal Healing all over the world, and I play and sing with my friends, Paul and Marcus. As The Alchemysts Of Sound, we experiment with Sacred and Transformational Music.  We will be using some of this music for the Group Activation later and please feel free to check out some of our  CD’s on the way out, if you would like to take this experience home with you.

Living and working in Glastonbury for so long, I have become immersed in the energies of the Sacred Landscape, the mists and the legends of the land have influenced me a lot. I share this sacred environment with so many people who are philosophers and shamans, spiritual pioneers, followers of ancient traditions and New Age practices.

My philosophy is that we are all striving for the same goal; we are all loved by the same Divine Presence, the Great Spirit.  We are all part of the collective human family, and we are individuals with our own unique gifts and our own unique Life Purpose.  It is our responsibility in this incarnation to become aligned with this higher purpose, and to live and Love in Harmony with each other on this beautiful planet our Mother EARTH.


“Paradigm Shift” is a term used often – here is my vision of what this means for me.

It denotes a radical change in the approach to solving a problem.  A complete change in the mindset of how we perceive things, that leads to a new way of living together, and creates a whole new future for our society.

As we create our reality as individuals, through our thoughts and our intentions, I believe the whole of humanity does the same on a global scale, and that each and every one of us can have an influence on the events that are unfolding right now.

There are two timelines that seem to shape themselves around the near future of the planet.  One is the Hollywood promoted option of massive disasters and chaos… the second timeline, and this is my own vision for the near future of this planet, is that humanity will make the shift to a higher level of consciousness, and will live in peace with each other and in harmony with Nature and our planet.  Like this we can literally create Paradise here on earth .

This is what I call the PARADISE SHIFT!!  I see the time to come as an opportunity for the most profound change in human evolution!!

As we are passing through this gateway in space and time we will have to change the way we live,  the way we Love, the way we think, the way we behave…. are you ready to implement these changes in your everyday lives…. so are you ready for the Paradise Shift??

Let’s remember how powerful we are with a clear focus and pure Intention.  We all have to focus on this positive shift without any doubt, and most important without any FEAR!!
Fear is the enemy of change; we must have fully trust in the power of LOVE!!
Thus we can create heaven on earth!!!

Most of you here will be familiar with the date 21st, December 2012 as the end of the Mayan Calendar which was created by the Mayan Time Keepers.  But they are just one of many cultures who have focussed on this very particular period of time that we find ourselves in right NOW as a major period of change and transformation for society and all of humanity.

Let’s not confuse the messenger with the message.  This is not a Mayan event; it is a World event that will affect everyone and everything.  It has meaning for astronomers, physicists, scientists, and especially for all of us as we are ‘Adventurers into New Consciousness’.

We now feel a wave of interconnectedness coming in from the cosmos, each wave bringing new layers of vibration, fresh downloads of transformational data, which are raising levels of consciousness, literally morphing us into a more evolved state of being.

The Earth is aligning with frequencies generated from the centre of the Galaxy and we are about to find out how our planet Earth, our human energy body and our individual consciousness will adapt to that.

Many of you have been feeling the new frequencies coming in for some time and are finding ways to integrate these changes.

We need to make the most of the preparation time we have left and stay calm and focused as events are unfolding around us…

Already we are seeing a blossoming in human consciousness. Pioneers around us are planting their seeds and sharing their message. Some of these messengers you will have already met this weekend here on the Paradise Road Show, beings who are establishing their platforms as teachers, guides. They are part of a worldwide movement of dedicated people who are working hard to promote harmony and Love during this transition and to support the manifestation of this New Age of Awareness.

But now is the time for individual action, it is no longer enough to hope or wish for this change to be a spontaneous event. We must all take responsibility for the situation that has arisen in our society and  is now an emergency, and we must act for both the good of ourselves and this beautiful planet which has given birth to us and provides us naturally with all we need to live healthy and happy and fulfilled lives.

We are now seeing the results of our egotistical, aggressive, self-centred, capitalistic approach.  We have poisoned our oceans, plundered the earth’s resources, and destroyed the sacred web of life, all under the banner of so called Progress!!  Future generations will look back at our experiment with Materialism or also called Capitalism in shock!!! How could we be so blind!!

We have witnessed the exposure of the so called pillars of our society: THE CHURCH, THE BANKS, OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR POLITICIANS.  I believe this is not just a natural decline in human virtues and values, but that there are hidden powers controlling the distribution of wealth and the manipulation of mankind, enslaving us in a collective illusion.

They are the unseen controllers of human affairs, but they have had their time; the hierarchies must tumble and fall.  They cannot sustain their positions, because as we integrate the new frequencies and transform them into a new reality, we will not yield to their control any more.

The Galactic Winds of Change will blow their web apart and expose them!!!
We must wake up from this material illusion. We have to stop tinkering on the edges of the chaos, and get on with the JOB !!

So what can we do in our daily lives as individuals to support and assist this change?
The first step is to increase our daily spiritual practice. Meditation is considered to be the most beneficial way of integrating the new frequencies as they arrive and help us to transform this energy into supportive action.

Connect to your heart…. Connect to the heart of the Earth… and synchronise both of them.




Mother Pearl by Cher Lyn Mystic Art

Mother Pearl – by Cher Lyn (Mystic Art Medicine)

Hear Mother nature’s heartbeat, with my bare, naked feet
I hear her song..I listen..
Each blade of grass listens..
Each tree’s root listens.
The leaves whisper, with each heartbeat.

Quiet your pace, rest your mind , against her

tender vines.
She caresses each naked, toe with golden, rich, dewy soil.
She cradles you in her branches, tenderely, safely, gentely, decending
Taste her autum winds.
Butterflys rest, they listen..
My heart beat slowly becomes hers.

We share one breathe.
I become alive. New colors, new hues of green are born, in my eyes
Her veins move with the grasshopers.
Her leaves unfurl me.
For those who do not listen, time goes by too fast.

We also need to promote the truth of the state of our society to all people around us.
Try to wake up as many people around you as possible, so they can also become Ambassadors of Change  themselves!!

Don’t believe everything you hear on the news or in mainstream media. Look for alternative information, or make up your own mind!! The only way to return to true happiness is by simplifying our lifestyles and reconnecting with Mother Earth and the wonder of nature that surrounds us.

Think Global and act Local. Try to live a sustainable lifestyle, waste as little resources as possible, consume as much locally sourced produce as you can.

The message coming through is to remain flexible and alert; don’t become fixated on any particular prophecies or predictions.  Decide for yourself, using your own intuition.

Fear is the enemy of truth and Love, and it is also the enemy of change… we must start to live without any fear in our hearts and have complete trust at any given moment.
Great opportunities are lost when we allow the weak in society to dictate the destiny of our future. We must remember who we are, divine beings, an expression of divine consciousness.

It is time for you to step into your power. We are all born with a purpose, we all have been given special gifts; and we all have to contribute our part to this great Transformation.
Positive world change is now within reach as we realise our true potential. As we grow in numbers and unite, we can create through morphic resonance a wave of transformative intent that cannot be stopped or ignored.

Once this time of transformation has passed we will begin to function at a higher level of consciousness.  Solutions to problems will be found with so much more ease.

We now need to focus now on making fast progress, and to raise our level of vibrations, to keep aligned with the new frequencies coming in. We have unlimited access to all the spiritual tools and information.

Many of these spiritual practices have become too contrived, too out of date, too complicated and also too much hard work. My message is ‘Let us get back to the basics’, let’s simplify.

Our tools are: crystals, sound, light, water, colour and love.